This disturbing news article from The Examiner covers a California court case where First Amendment Free Speech is under attack.

The defendant, California resident Jeff Olson, began scrawling anti-megabank messages in water soluble chalk on sidewalks last year in San Diego.  He was tired of the corruption at Bank of America.  He was charged with vandalism and brought to court by the corporate monolith.

For using regular, ordinary, non-permanent chalk.  On public sidewalks.

I guess foreclosing on people en masse and preventing them from buying ammunition wasn’t enough.

Prior to going to court, his attorney was told that he would be forbidden from using the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States to defend his client.

So, now, what’s next?  Will they will be training children in school that using chalk on the sidewalk is against the law?  How about forcibly arresting them for playing with chalk, or simply taxing chalk so that only rich people can afford to buy chalk for their kids to play with?

Tyranny is coming home folks.

Read more at http://www.examiner.com/article/more-tyranny-america-judge-rules-first-amendment-has-no-authority

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  1. black

    The judge is right. All Courts in the United States have been converted to corporate entities. They are only entered into by agreement, or by waiving disagreement. In other words, if you don’t properly express that you are not under their authority, then you are under their authority by contract. The right to contract clause in the Constitution overrules the Amendments. YouTube search “Billy Foust” and watch the “18 videos” link.


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