The US Air Force has a stated goal to own the weather by 2025.  While it is rather well known that weather modification was used during the Vietnam War it is much less known that this technology has a great potential for abuse in the domestic arena.

At first glance, one might be quick to blame the hole in the ozone layer, global warming, or even climate change for some of the violent weather episodes in recent years.

Then, there was Ivan in 2004. I remember pounding cut sheets of plywood into the ground to divert the water away from my house. And I lived in Western PENNSYLVANIA at the time. I remember that the low lying parts of my neighborhood were under control of military looking forces, probably National Guard for about a week after the storm. I was told that I was not allowed to drive back to my home because I forgot my wallet at home and did not have my driver’s license / ID. I waited until they weren’t looking and I went anyway.

In 2005, Katrina, was one of the most un-natural hurricanes known in meteorological history And Katrina was also a drill for martial law training.

I am probably missing a few in between.

Then the great drought of 2012-2013 which damages America’s food supply and jeopardizes the American Farmers’ livelihoods while big agribusiness can ‘weather the storm’. Anti-pun intended.

And the convenient Election Day hurricane Sandy in New York

And now the Oklahoma disaster The timing is convenient to distract America away from all of the many scandals that are about to bring down this administration. Benghazi, IRS, Agenda 21, The AP phone records scandal, Bradley Manning, the Boston false flag: the list is almost endless.

America is under attack.  But the weapons of war have changed. And the attackers have hijacked our sacred system.

If the US Air Force is supposed to “own the weather” by 2025, my question is: Why are they using it against US?  And if they AREN’T using it against us, then why aren’t they using this technology to STOP these disasters?

And if they ARE still using this weather modification technology, they are criminally negligent and should be tried in public courts for crimes against humanity.

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  1. Mark Lytle

    “If the US Air Force is supposed to “own the weather” by 2025, my question is: Why are they using it against US? And if they AREN’T using it against us, then why aren’t they using this technology to STOP these disasters?”

    You’re asking the right questions, which most in the alternative press NEVER ask. The answer is here:

    If you go down to the section labeled ‘History’ and into that, the section referring to researcher ‘Edward Lorenz’, you find this:

    An early pioneer of the theory was Edward Lorenz whose interest in chaos came about accidentally through his work on weather prediction in 1961.[6] Lorenz was using a simple digital computer, a Royal McBee LGP-30, to run his weather simulation. He wanted to see a sequence of data again and to save time he started the simulation in the middle of its course. He was able to do this by entering a printout of the data corresponding to conditions in the middle of his simulation which he had calculated last time.

    To his surprise the weather that the machine began to predict was completely different from the weather calculated before. Lorenz tracked this down to the computer printout. The computer worked with 6-digit precision, but the printout rounded variables off to a 3-digit number, so a value like 0.506127 was printed as 0.506. This difference is tiny and the consensus at the time would have been that it should have had practically no effect. However Lorenz had discovered that small changes in initial conditions produced large changes in the long-term outcome.[31] Lorenz’s discovery, which gave its name to Lorenz attractors, showed that even detailed atmospheric modelling cannot in general make long-term weather predictions. Weather is usually predictable only about a week ahead.[14]”

    Now that we’re in 2013, nothing has changed, the computers are now millions of times faster, just meaning the computers spit out nonsense after a week or so, a little more effortlessly.

    You can’t control(well) that which you can’t predict(well).

    I have posted this on a number of common alternative sites and get hissed and booed at routinely. no one can believe now, that man cannot control the weather. Everyone is convinced of this. Forr the record I did get a Meteorolgy degree in 1973, from Penn State, but never used it. worked in oil companies. But I understood the implications of the math. Accuracy is forever limited by the nature of the equations used, and that precludes most of the possibilities for ‘accurate’ weather modification. Certainly we can ‘affect’ the weather, but not in a terribly predictable way. As you know from experience, even tomorrows forecast, can be completely wrong.

    My take is that some group, some time ago, talking to a bunch of lawyers(Congressmen). sold them on a program to ‘control the weather’, knowing full well it wasn’t really feasible. The dummies in the Senate bought into this, and someone is making a lot of cash on a frauduent program. This is where all the documentation of weather control comes from. The docs are real, but from a fraudulent program.

    Hope this helps.

    Mark Lytle
    Houston, Texas.

    • admin

      Very interesting and insightful, Mark. The truth is coming out. And it is our responsibility to make that happen. Thanks for the info, brother!

  2. Debbra Cochran

    “We shall propose further cooperative efforts between all nations in weather prediction and eventually in weather control.” ~ President John F. Kennedy, Sept. 25, 1961


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