I need to take a minute to respond with some important messages regarding the two recent mass hysteria events – those being the November 2015 Paris attacks that reportedly killed 130 people and the December 2015 San Bernardino shootings that reportedly killed 14 people.  Both of these events are being used in the mainstream media to push some very far reaching agendas with respect to our rights, freedoms, liberties – whatever you want to call them.

Paris is being used by the mainstream media to manipulate the public through fear for a political agenda (also known as media terrorism) and brainwash the public that encryption is bad because Terrorists (with a capital T) use it. Encryption also allows you to connect to your bank account and send a private message that you may not want someone else to read.  If we lose the right to use strong encryption, we may as well allow them to read our mail and look through our garbage, too.

With San Bernardino, the establishment media is using that that to attempt to shut down or regulate private, peer to peer lending institutions.  Establishment media claims that the supposed shooters, shortly before they did their so-called deed, got a loan from Prosper. This has far reaching implications too. Shutting down decentralized peer to peer lending institutions forces people to be dependent on the central banking system and subject to the effects of their damaging policies. If the establishment gets their clutches into institutions like Prosper and Lending Club, any private lending circles including those parts of mutual aid societies could be under attack next.

When the establishment media uses these events to push agendas that are damaging to human freedom it should concern all of us.  Now, we have political candidates telling us that we need to shut down free speech on the Internet because of bogeymen terrorists.  Many people are so ignorant, brainwashed or anesthetized that they will go along with the media’s fear mongering and beg to give up their own rights in order to allow the government to keep them safe – which is something the government – any government – cannot ever do in any actuality. They are making promises that they cannot keep and using events – that may or may not have occurred the way we are told – to manufacture consent for the penultimate global police and surveillance state.

A lot of people aren’t as naive as they used to be, but the roving hoards are so pliable to this propaganda. And when you mix that with so-called democracy you realize that we are actually being ruled by cowards in every literal sense of the word.

These observations are by no means a complete analysis of the situations or the political agendas involved.  Furthermore, if anyone was harmed in these events, my heart leaps from my chest to go out to you.  However, we cannot allow the political establishment to take away our liberty because we are afraid of Terrorists.  We should use these events to realize that we need to learn self defense skills including the use of firearms in order to defend ourselves.

If even 5% of our peaceful population were armed, both of these situations would have been dramatically different.  For example, instead of San Bernardino shooters having killed 14 and wounded 22, the story could have read:

“December 2, 2015 – San Bernardino, CA –  Two armed attackers were killed by Debra Jensen, 26, mother of 2 today as they tried to be morons and kill 22 people.  But Debra, who had recently gotten her conceal and carry certification, saw what was happening.  After the attackers shot one bystander, Debra drew her weapon and quickly neutralized the attackers before police arrived on the scene.  Police took Debra for questioning to find out how she was able to identify and neutralize the situation.  Debra had told them that her recent training and certification had taught her everything she needed to know and she “just used her training and her gut to make the decision.” and that she “just wanted to protect her kids.”   Debra was issued the Vigilant Citizen award and her community is now organizing a parade in her honor.  Bystander, James Thomas was injured in the leg during the attack and is expected to make a full recovery.”

As Bob Dylan wrote, “Times, they are a-changing,” friends.  Whether they change for the better or the worse, well, that is up to you.

Image Credit:  Decio, used under Creative Commons

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