Hello and welcome, Libertopians!

This is our second year at Libertopia.  All of you who attend this event are some of the brightest, most critical thinkers out there.  Kudos to you all for being here!

While many people sit around and talk about The Big Problem, few have a strategy and a tactical action plan to really solve anything.  We Titanians are different, as you may already know.

With the advent of cryptocurrency, people all over are independently figuring out that the key to the future of institutions, for the sake of a thriving human race, is that they must be decentralized.  There really is no other way.  Distributed and decentralized institutions built on the non-aggression principle, creativity and a solid foundation of ethics is the key to humanity moving forward and leaving behind this obsolete system of power and control.

We Titanians are so excited to see these developments come to pass.  Each piece of the puzzle like cryptocurrency are necessary prerequisite enabling technologies for us to dismantle and replace the institutions that stand in our way: corrupt, unethical, hierarchical institutions (like the BORG)!

One of our contributions is the enabling technology of an organizational framework that is antithetical to hierarchical institutions used in the industrial and corporate ages.  Rigorously non-bureaucratic, our Octologue and Holomat technology empowers humanity to harness it’s creativity while thriving in small, co-ordinated, self directed autonomous groups, while also participating in a larger effort to make this world a better place.  One Octologue at a time!

We hope you come to learn more about this exciting opportunity to change the world together!  For now, you should probably check out our (and important related) talks from last year’s Libertopia sessions.

If any of this makes sense to you, please contact us.  Let’s exchange ideas and find ways that we can work together to achieve our common goals.