Welcome!  You have found The Local Voluntary!

Everyone has unique backgrounds, skills, passions, tools and talents.  We at The Local Voluntary bring people together on a local level to foster relationships that lead to trust, and local, voluntary exchange.  These exchanges may be in goods and services;  Silver or Bitcoin; Widgets or digits; Ideas or actions.  It is all up to you.  The sky is the limit, and we want to help you!

We also aim to foster the use of our creativity to solve some of the BIG problems in this world that we all face together.  We hold regular meetings where we get together and discuss some of the issues and or strategies on what to do about them.  Our goal is to be effective in solving the problems that we identify solutions for.

We are Local.  We are Voluntary.  And we are fixing this broken world, NOW!

Please explore and learn about The Local Voluntary.  Check our Meetup schedule for more information.  If you want to contact us, until we have something better set up, please use the Meetup page or our email below.

If you are not in Greater Phoenix, AZ, we are very interested in hearing from you!  We want to help people start chapters of The Local Voluntary all over the world!

Do not forget to register for an account.  Registration is free, and gives us the ability to stay in touch with you and it gives you the ability to post any content you’d like to share with the community.

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