I just had an insane, yet productive day.  It started around 8am and ended, well… I just got home in time to write this post at… about 2 am.  I am not editing this post.  It’s more of a journal entry that you’re free to read if you choose.

If you don’t know already, our homestead project is a concentrated effort to escape the various systems of slavery that pervade our world like a cancer.  We are striving to be free of debt slavery, achieve food freedom and financial freedom, among other goals.

A good friend helped me today clean up the soon-to-be homestead property.

We got a stump grinder guy to come out to clear a spot for the shed, and he accepted BITCOIN for payment. Yes!

Then, we moved a shed from Gilbert to North Phoenix. This was the second day we tried to move this shed. During all this, we drove way too much back and forth getting the right size trucks and trailers.

Then, we were loading up the floor and the roof onto this trailer and we got walloped by an insane dust storm. There is still sand in my beard and teeth.

Then we got to the property and finished building up the ground where the floor of the shed went. By this time, it was about midnight. The floor fit EXACTLY in the spot where an oleander bush used to sit (thank you Jim the stump grinder) and between two other bushes. I mean, this thing fit EXACTLY.

My good friend is coming back tomorrow morning and we are going to erect the shed. I’ll be getting about 4 hours sleep and probably won’t be going to work tomorrow. But man! We’re really getting into gear with getting the homestead ready for habitation.

I am humbled to have such amazing friends that I can rely on for all this help.  It really makes the work much more productive and so much more enjoyable!

Our original plan was to move before the Jackfest “The Jackalope Freedom Festival”. We may end up moving the week after Jackfest or the week before. We are not sure yet.

That’s all I have in me for this post.  May your dreams be fulfilled through creativity and voluntary human interaction!  Peace!

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  1. Cynthia

    I’m glad the shed thing worked out well for you. It is by far a beautiful lot and now you guys are on your way to freedom.


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