Mutual aid networks are voluntary associations that you can join that provide many benefits. Among them, is to get help from your community when you need it. This could take the form of monetary assistance, emotional support during a tough time, nursing, personal coaching, help with manual labor (think work parties!), help with petsitting, babysitting, barter and trade and much more. By joining a mutual aid network, you will strengthen existing relationships and make new friends. By joining one of these networks, you are helping yourself.

By building or joining a mutual aid network, you are also helping your community (which could be your neighborhood, friends, or associates) to become stronger by sharing some of the fruits of your life experience with others in a way that enriches their lives. This empowers people to grow, to become stronger, more responsible and empowered members of the community. A mutual aid network is a brotherhood where members are committed to one another and their personal success.

If the idea of a Mutual Aid network is interesting to you, please let us know. We are expanding our decentralized mutual aid network all over the country and world. If you don’t have a mutual aid network in your area, we can help equip you with the tools to found one and we can support you in getting your group started and growing.

We are holding a meeting on Wed. Nov 26th.  Please join us in person or online.  And please comment below.

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