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The Ethics of Liberty

1.  NATURAL LAW AND REASON AMONG INTELLECTUALS WHO CONSIDER themselves “scientific,” the phrase “the nature of man” apt to have the effect of a red flag on a bull. “Man has no nature!” is the modern rallying cry; and typical of the sentiment of political philosophers today was the assertion of a distinguished political theorist [...]

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Problems with Meetup Integration

We are currently experiencing problems with our integration.  Dates were showing up two months off.  This may be related to our recent upgrade and resulting incompatibility with the old module. ...
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Satoshi Square 1.0

On Saturday, December 21, a number of vendors and friends joined for the Satoshi Square marketplace in Tempe. Hosted by a friendly business in the heart of Tempe, Satoshi Square consisted of a number of ...
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This Secret Group Controls the World

I don't believe everything I read.  I don't share everything I read either. Here's one that you won't waste your time on.
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Can a Christian Be an Anarchist?

Larken Rose interviews Dann McCreary for an interesting perspective on the compatibility of Christianity and Anarchism. For those who don't know Larken Rose, you should know that he and his wife were imp...
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How a Free Society Could Work

  In this video, Michael Shanklin (facebook), (web: ) gives a talk about how a free, non-coersive society might work. Video:
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David Icke: Dot Connecting, Dec 8, 2013

  In this episode of Dot Connecting, David Icke explains why humanity is where it is right now. If we are to break the cycle of abuse, we need to increase our awareness. David comes forth with...
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Ex CIA Agent Explains How to Delete the Elite

Ex CIA Agent, Robert Steele explains how to delete the elite. This video is from back in 2010. Among topics discussed, End the Income Tax End Central Banking Continue to build Independent media, ...