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Larken Rose interviews Dann McCreary for an interesting perspective on the compatibility of Christianity and Anarchism.

For those who don’t know Larken Rose, you should know that he and his wife were imprisoned for willful failure to pay income tax in regards to their medical transcription business. ┬áSince released in 2006, Larken has become an outspoken author and widely respected and attributed liberty activist.

Dann is your resident Christian, who appears to have a background in engineering and has worked on alternative energy devices.  His web addresses can be found below.

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References for your consideration:

Bible online (many versions for cross referencing):

“Jesus is an Anarchist”, by James Redford:

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  1. autarchist01

    If it is voluntary, and there is no harm done to anyone else as well as the rule of equal liberty being upheld, then why should it matter to me what someone else may or may not believe?


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