Patents Shackle: But Ideas are Born Free

If you have a great idea or invention that you think will benefit humanity, please consider open sourcing it, rather than copyrighting and patenting it. Another important aspect of this is that you consider wor...
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This Secret Group Controls the World

I don't believe everything I read.  I don't share everything I read either. Here's one that you won't waste your time on.
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David Icke: Dot Connecting, Dec 8, 2013

  In this episode of Dot Connecting, David Icke explains why humanity is where it is right now. If we are to break the cycle of abuse, we need to increase our awareness. David comes forth with...
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NSA: No More Spying on UN or World Bank

This is absolutely incredible.  The Obama administration has ordered the NSA to stop spying on the institutions that are set on destroying us, while at the same time we learn that the NSA taps the fiber at Goo...
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Student Loan Debt: Explained

  I challenge you to read this article by Paul Rosenberg at Freeman's Perspective and you may never think about student loan debt the same ever again. Excerpts: I’m sorry. You’re entering a...
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Hegelian Dialectic: 101

Hegelian Dialectic is the primary mechanism by which humanity has been manipulated for the better part of at least the last century. Learn more about Hegelian Dialectic. This man strays quite a bit from t...
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Staged Police Violence: NWO loves it

I have to admit. I'm getting a little tired of all the staged police violence. NWO loves Hegelian dialectic. So they amplify the problem until everyone is looking for a solution.  And like clockwork, they roll...