I just completed yet another Bitcoin purchase.  This time, it is a new electric dryer from Sears!  By paying in Bitcoin through the www.gyft.com website, I was able to save 3%, or about $18 on the order, which is AWESOME.

Here is a picture of the dryer!


I just went to the checkout page and went into the gift card area.  I then went to gyft.com and bought $600 in gift cards with Bitcoin!  Screenshots of the process are below.  Notice, that I redeemed some points from a previous purchase, so I only paid $495 for this gift card:



I should have taken a screen shot of the second, $100 card I purchased because on that one, I redeemed the $14.85 of points I earned from the first gift card.  All in all, I paid $580.15 for $600 worth of Sears credit.  Do I have your attention now?  Bitcoin saved me $20 on this purchase!

Since gyft.com offers the smallest Sears card at $10, I didn’t want a card sitting around with $4 worth on it if I never plan to go to Sears in the forseeable future.  I sucked it up and paid the $6 remaining amount with my credit card.

In buying this dryer with Bitcoin I starved one of the Big Banks of about $19 of revenue.  If you multiply this times every transaction you make, this is a significant impact in disempowering the corrupt financial institutions that have reigned supreme over the last century of our economy.

Plus, did I mention, I saved $20?

Do I have your attention now?

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