Mutual Aid Networks: Help Others and Help Yourself

Mutual aid networks are voluntary associations that you can join that provide many benefits. Among them, is to get help from your community when you need it. This could take the form of monetary assistance, emo...
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Two Weeks Into RV Living: Report

We've been really busy settling in.  When we weren't really busy, we were busy taking necessary mental health breaks.  Since the move, we have had a lot of surprises, which we'd like to share. Good surpris...
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Peace in a New Personal World

Over the weekend, we have nearly completed our move.  A move out of a 1000 square foot apartment in Scottsdale, Arizona into a 37' 5th wheel RV/trailer.  We had a lot of help from friends, so the main part of...
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Human-Based Relationships for True Freedom

In our strive for the future of humanity, and in our activism, my view is that we need to move toward more human-based relationships.  We can't continue to depend heavily on corporations and centralized online...
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That’s What “Friends” Are For

The only reason I share my heart with you is because you are my friend. You should notice that I only make my posts available to "Friends". However, Facebook has redefined this term. My definition is dif...
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Satoshi Square 1.0

On Saturday, December 21, a number of vendors and friends joined for the Satoshi Square marketplace in Tempe. Hosted by a friendly business in the heart of Tempe, Satoshi Square consisted of a number of ...
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This Secret Group Controls the World

I don't believe everything I read.  I don't share everything I read either. Here's one that you won't waste your time on.