In our strive for the future of humanity, and in our activism, my view is that we need to move toward more human-based relationships.  We can’t continue to depend heavily on corporations and centralized online mediums.  We need to know who we can trust. We don’t need a list of hundreds of empty “friends” that we never see, and who would not care to see us in real life.

In no way am I trivializing our relationships with loved family and friends who aren’t able to step into the realm of activism, and I’m not discounting the need for friendships in other geographical zones.    That said, we really need to know who our true friends and loved ones in real life are.

Enemies of the truth are great and well studied deceivers.  They know every trick in the book.  They have, as many of the great minds dating back thousands of years have observed.  They wrote the book of tricks.  Their lives are made so much easier by social media because their ability to silently infiltrate and observe.  Their tactics and their lies increase in complexity as they study and observe their victims.

Online social media sites value “Likes” and “Friends.”

Let us bring back the *real* meaning of friendship. To love one another as ourselves, and to lay down one’s life for one another and for true freedom. Not clicking “Like” once or twice a month.

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