Over the weekend, we have nearly completed our move.  A move out of a 1000 square foot apartment in Scottsdale, Arizona into a 37′ 5th wheel RV/trailer.  We had a lot of help from friends, so the main part of the move went for the most part, without a “hitch.”

Laugh all you want.  Tell stories to your friends and enemies.  But we have done it, and we are blogging about it.

You know; tonight, I feel a peace I haven’t felt in a long time.  Tonight, I feel back at home.  Back into nature.  Since the move, we’ve been leaving our windows open at night because it’s been comfortably cool.

Inspired by a bout of insomnia and my desire to be settled as soon as possible, I performed some tasks that were normally not very inspiring.  Those of connecting series of electronic devices together – running cables to Playstations (ack!  Sony :/) and TV’s and main AC.  And then, doing dishes.  I am privileged with the ability to enjoy doing annoying things when I am this motivated!

And my mood shifts as I finish doing the dishes and hear the windowblinds begin knocking in the living room.  I finish the task and go and I sit down on the couch.  The living room has windows that face north/south on both sides.  This part of the living room is about six feet wide and it contains our couch.  Ahead of me sits a TV, and the kitchen is in the right.

Tonight, we had strong winds from the north at 10-15 mph average, 25, perhaps at gust.  As I write this, I am sitting on the couch, in the living room, and the breeze of the earth drifts across my face.  At gusts, the blinds knocking almost sounds – as if to impersonate the chirping of nearby crickets.  Except in lowland Arizona, we don’t have crickets – we have scorpions!  And they don’t chirp!

The wind doesn’t lie.  Change has indeed come for us, but it is coming again soon, and for all of us – whether we realize it yet or not.

But for me, this is a level of comfort and freedom that I haven’t felt in a long while.


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