I’m pretty tolerant when it comes to beliefs. I have friends who have all types of beliefs and orientations. I’m even pretty tolerant with speech. I try to learn from what people say where possible, and I am generally not offended when someone speaks most views even when I don’t agree.

That said, in our society today, money is speech. As this most favorite time of year (April 15th) comes around, I’d like to make the observation that if money is speech, then taxes are war.

The United States has been proud to stick its jackboot in the face of any country that has opposed the New World Order over the last 70 years. The United States is in fact the military branch of the New World Order, and control of its direction is shared between London and the Vatican.

Have you ever seen a significant amount of real footage of a war torn area? If not, you need to. It will change the way you think about war forever. When over 50% of the US budget goes to military spending, and you pay your taxes, you are literally buying the lie that there is a bogeyman under every foreign desert. You are literally paying for genocide, and you are paying for the murder of civilians including women and children all over the world.

Think about THAT when you drop your envelope into the mail this year. Think about THAT.

It is very personal thing I’m sharing here, but I get physically nauseous when I do and pay “my” taxes for this very reason. It makes me sick to know what this money is going to be used for.

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