You will have to forgive me.  I was not paying attention in 2006.  Maybe you weren’t either.  Please join the club.

In another appalling revelation, we learn that Bayer had knowingly sold products contaminated with the HIV virus.

This comes from MSNBC.  “MSNBC and were founded in 1996 as partnerships of Microsoft and General Electric‘s NBC unit, which is now NBCUniversal.” per Wikipedia

Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates, who today is known for his eugenicist opinions, some of which can be seen here.

Bayer sold the drug in the 1980’s.

This came out in Aug, 2006.  If this was a tactic to distract us from something else going on at that time.  Hmm…

On August 3 2006, Human Rights Watch specifically accused Israel of war crimes.  Per this reference.

Bayer paid millions to settle the suit in 2011.

In my view, this is not surprising and just goes to show you.  Whenever mainscream media tells you something, be vigilant.  Don’t buy the distraction.  Look deeper.  Use that beautiful quantum mechanical machine called your brain that God gave you and think for yourself.

I only have so much time in a day.  I’m trying to get back to writing daily.  I rely on you for thoughts, comments, criticisms on my analysis and approach.

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