Meet Michael Weaver, a thirty-three year old man who is proud of his race and nation, expresses his views on controversial public policy and historical matters, and engages in political activism.  Just your typical pro-America, First Amendment-loving American citizen utilizing his God-given right of freedom of expression specifically sanctioned in the Bill of Rights.  –

In August 2011, Mr. Weaver was arrested and eventually charged with a felony after pepper spraying a man who was attempting to rob him in his vehicle. Local police, however, argued that Weaver intentionally stopped his car just so he could run out and spray a random black man.

“The charge was obviously politically motivated,” countered Weaver.  “I was simply attempting to defend myself like any man would. The local authorities in Columbus were determined to prosecute me to the fullest extent of the law, largely as a result of my political activism and views.  A local rabbi and officials with the Anti-Defamation League influenced the district attorney and his decision to prosecute me for a felony.”


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