I have to admit. I’m getting a little tired of all the staged police violence. NWO loves Hegelian dialectic. So they amplify the problem until everyone is looking for a solution.  And like clockwork, they roll in with their solution and you are still their slave.  We are 1-3 years from critical mass of people hoping for solutions on this issue.  You have seen it in previous articles like this and this.

When we get there, 90% of people won’t realize that the solution is prescribed by the same people that caused the problem. When that happens, we will be in lather, rinse, repeat mode for the remainder of our lives and for a generation on top of that. I hope and pray that we stop drinking the problem-reaction-solution Kool Aid so we can see positive results for humanity within my lifetime.

I am 33. How long are YOU going to wait to email me? There are solutions that don’t involve the people that caused the problems. Do you want to know what they are? Email me if so.

Video of the day: A simple DUI arrest turns into a group of male officers stripping a young female naked and throwing her into a windowless room.

When you think humanity is screwed enough to join me, let me know:



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