These days, life is all about scrounging. If you are fortunate enough to be employed, it’s scrounging for that nice restaurant dinner once a month.

If you’re less fortunate, it’s scrounging to keep your car running or scrounging to even eat a decent meal at home. Or scrounging to help someone you care about who needs to do so.

Humanity sticks together. We have a genuine need for one another. And subsequently, we have a genuine need to LOVE one another. I’m sure my friend Ernest Hancock would agree.

I’d like to take this moment to bring something to your attention. Why are you scrounging? Seriously. Why?

Could it be that a corrupt and disingenuous financial system has been stealing from you your entire life through the fraud of inflation? A private institution called the Federal Reserve claims that only they can print money and you can not. But the money they print isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

Could it be that, when you buy your house for 100,000 dollars, and ten years later, you sell it for 140,000, that you are taxed on the 40,000 difference as if it were profit when in reality that 140,000 doesn’t even buy what 70,000 bought when you originally bought the house?

Could it be that the government that you have trusted all this time to be watching your back – could it be that they are the ones that are either involved in, or complicit in this obfuscated form of slavery?

What would you do if you had your life back? What would you do? What business would you start with your savings? What dreams would you bring to life? Do you have a cause or a passion for a charity? What would you do with your life if it wasn’t being stolen from you?

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  1. Mikester

    Wow this is a deceptively simply question. I am so caught up in the idea that activism is what I enjoy doing, I completely hadn’t considered that it’s a totally unnecessary task. If I succeed at this job, I will put myself out of business. What WOULD I do, then? It’s a veryyyyyyy good question … I think I would do performance art, music … I have always joked about wanting to be a rock star but I actually think I would enjoy performing. I’m an attention-whore like that …. 🙂

  2. admin

    When we are successful, you will be free to be an attention whore like that! We will all be free to pursue our passions without the strings of enslavement.

  3. Deb Baysek

    I would live each day as if we’re my last. I would love my family to the fullest, and count my blessings. My family means the world to me. Without the memories of my husband, and the love from my sons and daughters~in-law, and grandchildren, my life would be meaningless.


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