A Pennsylvania judge is sentenced for 28 Years for selling kids to the Prison Industry Complex.

“Since 2003, Ciavarella received millions of dollars in bribes for condemning minors to maximum prison sentences. In one case, Ciavarella sentenced a 10-year-old to two years in a detention facility for accidentally bottoming out his mother’s car.”

“The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has overturned some 4,000 convictions issued by him between 2003 and 2008, claiming he violated the constitutional rights of the juveniles – including the right to legal counsel and the right to intelligently enter a plea. Some of the juveniles he sentenced were as young as 10-years old.”


Today, the Executive branch and the Legislative branch are deservedly under fire.  We should also be paying attention to the scandals that happen in the judicial branch, whether federal, state or local.

We are fixing this broken world, NOW!

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