The government is threatening a shutdown.  The first of it’s kind since the presidency of Clinton will present some challenges, but for the most part, your life will be unaffected.  Most of the criminally insane things this government has been permitted to do will still occur.

If one thing is for sure, this immoral and financially bankrupt United States federal government will not shut down before trying to sincerely scare the crap out of you.

  • The inept president will blame the inept congress.
  • They will continue to perpetuate the Republicans vs. Democrats myth.  This divide and conquer mythology is the foundation of how governments trick their citizens into giving them any authority at all.

That’s it.  I feel fine if the government shuts down… permanently, but you should probably note:

  • The IRS will still continue to rob you, er, I mean collect taxes.
  • The Federal Reserve (which is not a government agency) will continue to debase our currency by printing 85 billion monopoly money notes a month and will continue to give or loan this money to some of the most unethical institutions ever known to humankind, global megabanks.
  • The inept president’s $400k annual salary… that will continue to be paid, even though you make only $18 an hour.
  • Most entitlement programs such as Social Security, food stamps, welfare will continue, despite the government having absolutely no money at all.
  • Affordable Care Act implementation, a huge federal liability and massive entitlement program will continue unabated, despite the government having absolutely no money at all.
  • Of the 90 people on the White House staff, 15 will still be paid.
  • The inept congress salaries… they will continue to be paid.
  • Only about half of the 800,000 domestic warmongers will be sent home without pay.
  • Our military will continue to dismantle, invade and attack foreign governments who do not want to participate in the the new world order financial holocaust.
  • The TSA will continue to grope the crotches of Law Abiding Citizens and children with no probable cause, in grievous violation of the 4th Amendment.  But, like some police officers in Texas, they might not have any money for clean gloves in between ‘clients’.
  • You will be kicked out of any National Park within two days.  Even if you are camping primitively.
  • Many federal employees will eventually get back pay for the time that they were furloughed.
  • You probably won’t get any new federally backed student loan during the shutdown.
  • You will still get your mail, even if the USPS is bleeding money.
  • Certain people will still publish this article, even if they accused me of being like Alex Jones a few Fridays ago while Alma was a guest on their show.
  • The NSA will continue to surveil your every phone call and website visit.
  • Border patrol agents will continue to harass American Citizens in unconstitutional checkpoints.
  • The CIA is a black budget (off the books) organization, and as such will continue to fund international and domestic terrorism and will continue to produce war propaganda for the enjoyment of zombified America.
  • The NFL will continue to operate as usual.  The NFL is not yet a government agency, even though Dan Rooney, owner of the Steelers, was selected by the current president to be an international dignitary.  Apparently government, in bed with media, in bed with your entertainment is no cause for concern at all.

Like I said.  For the most part, your life will be unaffected.

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  1. Fascist Nation

    You forgot to include . . . All of those furloughed unionized federal leeches will receive back pay (that is, they are on paid vacation) WHEN the debt “ceiling” is yet again raised.


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