The people who set up communism in Russia. The people who created Hitler and the holocaust and the people who are creating the new world war. They are of the same force. The third time is the charm…

The third time is the charm for your demise.

You have made a critical mistake.  Your response to our awareness is to increase your strangle hold.  We are not as stupid as you wish we were.

We, The People, are onto you.  And you are Finshed! We are heading into an age of peace and enlightenment!

We are witnessing the death throes of the old world!  They have failed!  It is just a matter of time now.

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  1. doug nusbaum

    I would like to suggest that you enter the two words orwells boot into any search engine, and then read the item at the top of the list (after paid links). It is usually under factotum666, but could be under or

    You may find it informative. Especially if you go to the links


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