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I admit the lede for this article is provocative.  Would you be surprised if I told you that it didn’t surprise me at all?

Here is a video from 2010 that PolicyMic wrote about last week  in which actors play the part of rapists and rape victims.  Three scenarios are presented.

A normal looking and drunk girl, being led away from a bar by a stranger.  A party of mixed company stops him.  A man identifies the girl with his daughter and cites that as the reason he stopped the rapist.

Then, the same situation is presented with a bunch of women present.  And they shut the rapist down.

Then, a hot looking party girl is there.  She is being led away from the bar by a stranger.  Two off duty police officers are watching.

And they vicariously rape her with their minds, as they encourage the rapist to lead her to the beach.

For video, watch this:

Now you know why they removed “To Protect and Serve” from the sides of all the police cars.  Unfortunately, we are living in a society today that does not carefully screen our public servants for social malignment.  In fact, most people do not even know that police departments reject qualified applicants when their IQ is too high.


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