UPDATE: 5/28/2013 13:00 MST

Arizona Freedom Fest has joined forces with us to bring Jordan to Arizona.  We still need donations, but it will also help tremendously if you buy your Freedom Fest Tickets Now, In Advance.

Also, now, when you donate to bring Jordan to Arizona through a donation to Freedom Fest, your contribution is now tax deductible.  To pledge your donation, simply donate to Freedom Fest.  It is very important to get Jordan out.  He really wants to come, and with your help, it will be possible!


We are coordinating a fundraiser to bring Jordan Page to the Arizona Freedom Fest on June 14th – 16th.

We need to raise a total of $1,200 as soon as possible to make this happen. I just talked to Jordan on the phone. Right now, he is waiting to hear back from the Freedom Fest folks about whether their portion of the commitment is still on the table. He is of the mindset that it is, but he wanted to be sure.

As long as Freedom Fest’s commitment is still in place, we need only to raise $1,200, which is the target of this fundraiser.

If you can help us raise funds, please contact us through the email address on the About Us page.

This page will be updated to show the progress of our goal.

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