Before I learned better, I had some hope in this guy.  But he is just as big a tool as any of the rest of them.  Including the current sellout in chief.

The White House is getting nervous about its own crimes, as the worlds top war crimes prosecuting lawyer declares he WILL get Bush and Obama, for torture and secret wars ” we don’t even know about”.

This trial was the work of Malaysia’s ex Prime Minister Mahuthir Mohamad. The trial went over and received testimony from people like ex-Guantanamo detainees, an Iraqi woman who was tortured in the Abu Ghraib prison, and many other victims of the criminal Bush Administration. The prosecutors say its just he beginning, the Obama administration’s prosecution is coming too.

Dick Cheney says in his own biography that he fears being prosecuted as a war criminal, and that, he will face more than likely. Justice is coming, and the world will no longer stand for these crimes against humanity. This is just he beginning- the Bush Administration will be prosecuted, and the Obama Administration is next, as these top war crimes prosecutors insist.

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