In response to one of the petitions that were sent to the White House in December.  This particular one calls to remove Dianne Feinstein from office under the charge of treason in response to her firearm restriction bill.

A reasonable debate?  Fine.

“Which is exactly why we created the We the People platform. Even if you disagree with everything you just read, we want you to walk away from this process with knowledge that we’re doing our best to listen — even to our harshest critics.”

So you are doing your best to listen to us.  Are you also doing your best to ignore us when you hear us?  I contend, the answer is a clear and resounding Yes.  Just as you have done for decades on so many of the real issues we face today.

So as long as we submit to your definition of reasonable, then the debate is ok?  That is not reasonable at all!

You don’t have the control over how a debate goes.  The debate will commence, “reasonable” by your standards or “reasonable” by the people’s standards is up to the people.   And objective truth will prevail.  You will not coerce, intimidate, belittle, demonize or threaten us.

You will listen to US for a change.  And soon.  Remember that your power comes from the consent of the governed, not your unbridled authority.

That is of course, if you really are are a Government that is truly of the people, For the people and By the people instead of: Of the people, for the banks and by the banks.

And if you ignore us, your true colors are shown and the death of the chameleon is already underway.

[ I post no cartoon or meme about Feinstein because I choose to engage your intellect, not your consensus ]

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