The act of voting in a single and mandatory system is an act of aggression. The only way voting works is in voluntary groups where people agree unanimously and if a person does not agree to the prevailing consensus strongly enough, they are free to disassociate.

Democracy in the current paradigm is 51% of people telling the other 49% how they have to live. It is two wolves and a sheep deciding who’s breakfast. It is an act of force and aggression. I want neither to be part of the 51%, nor the 49%.

Including money in the scenario only makes things worse. It essentially means whoever has more money gets to make the rules for everyone else. And just like the banking powers have financed both sides of wars for centuries, they also finance both sides (party candidates) in elections.

As long as we live under a mandatory system that includes any form of democracy as it’s base, human and individual rights will ALWAYS lose. And so will the candidates who run against the money powers.

I am working to build a more voluntary “opt-in” style society. This is the next step in human organizational evolution. Government as we know it is demonstrably obsolete.

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