Life in the RV is going well.  I haven’t updated you in a while.

We’ve been having a few main, ongoing problems.

  1. The refrigerator is too small.
  2. When there is too much food in the fridge, the lower shelves don’t get cold.
  3. Sewer gas odor problems persist for a few days after emptying the black water tank.  This becomes evident when the toilet is flushed.  The gas smell permeates the house.

I have came up with some solutions to these problems!

In the last two days I:

1) Installed a temperature monitoring system for our fridge. It being an RV fridge, when there is too much stuff packed in, there isn’t normally enough air flow to keep everything cool. Now, I know the exact temperature of problem areas of the fridge without needing to open it to let more hot air in. WIN.

2) Installed a small fan that runs on 2 D cell batteries into the fridge. This increases the airflow and minimizes any temperature alarms. I also ordered rechargeable batteries for the fan so I’m not being an environmental neanderthal.  DOUBLE WIN.

3) Installed a timer onto the vent fan in the bathroom. After emptying the sewer tank, the gas can smell pretty for the next few days when you flush the toilet. This gas is heavier than air and travels through the whole house. With the new timer fan, we will be able to properly vent the gas without leaving the fan on constantly. Leaving the fan on constantly wastes energy by sucking cold, air conditioned air out of the house.  ANOTHER WIN.

That makes a total WIN count to 4.

All in all a productive two days.

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