Morpheus Titania: Businessman, activist, Bitcoin Sales

Morpheus has chosen to live outside the “system” ever since the events of 9/11. At that time he was owner of Direct Mail Business known as “The Direct Hit” The company was started in his home. The Company did $300,000 in 2000 and 1.5 Million in sales from January 2001 to August 2001. After the Events of 9/11 first with the “terrorist” attack then with the Anthrax in the mail, September sales were tanking from $250,000 in June to August 2001 to $5,000 in September. Soon after that all the salesmen quit, cause they weren’t selling anything. With formerly thriving business imploded this left Morpheus had a great deal of time on his hands to study the events of 9/11 and came to the irrefutable proof that at bare minimum there was a massive co-ordinated coverup of the events of 9/11. Since that time he has been removing himself more and more from that “SYSTEM”.

Prior to owning The Direct Hit” Morpheus worked at the number 1 Dodge store in the world as a top producing salesman as well as being a top producing gold certified Fleet manager.

Working outside of the system for over 10 years has lead him to the wonderful qualities of the “No-Thing” known as Bitcoin. Bitcoin has very interesting properties. It can’t be stolen or be used without your permission. It can transfer internationally for no fee, an account can not be frozen and a bitcoin is almost infinitely divisible.

Morpheus has been selling Bitcoin with a fervor of a man on a mission. The old decrepit systems of the Banks, Organized Religion and Government (The BORG) are failing humanity at every level. Bitcoin is how the old power structure will be made obsolete. He puts 20 years of sales experience behind selling bitcoin. Because of his rock solid reputation, He is one of the biggest sellers in the Phoenix area.

He now makes a a sizable portion of living by selling Bitcoin. He got started selling in March 2013 when Bitcoin was selling for $60. He has successfully done over 140 bitcoins on just one account.

Because of the unique nature of Bitcoin, it is very possible to acquire sizable wealth by taking advantage of Bitcoins incredible DEFLATIONARY Nature. We all know there is a storm brewing on the horizon and trusting the government with all your money in dollars, it is a good idea to diversify your portfolio using bitcoin and Morpheus will go over those possibilities using this Experimental “Currency”





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