Brace yourselves.  This one lends credence to many of the things you already know and builds upon them to form a dramatic picture about what is going on today, how long it has been going on, and the conscienceless depths that it has gone to to achieve these ends.

Buckle your seatbelts, friends.



If the source documents and this woman’s conclusions are valid and true, what you really need to brace yourself for is that this information was available to the public in July 2001.  Before the September 11 attack.

A key thing you should be thinking now, is whether, in fact, the source documents and the testimony are – in fact – valid.  For now, I will leave you there.  Do your own digging and comment below.  Please use any and all resources (like Startpage) at your disposal and not just the links below.

The website referenced in the video can be found at:

The resources that support the video:

The PDF of the Powerpoint (Not first generation from NASA site, however)

Searchable copy of the PDF, found elsewhere on the web:

References for GMO “Spider Goats” found on slide 34: (video)

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