Let’s have us a quick lesson in etymology.  If I am wrong, then we both learn something!

Monarchy.  Mon=1.  Arch=Rule.  Monarch is one ruler.  How this works is dependent on the ethics of one person.

Oligarchy.  Oglios=few.  Arch=Rule.  Few people are the rulers.  How this works is dependent on the ability of the few rulers to resist corruption, bribery, blackmail, etc.

Hierarchy.  Hier=represents divinity.  Arch=Rule.  Implies a series of greater or lesser kings based on divine right.  We shall leave it to those who think they are better than us to decide what divinity is [sigh].  This system is also known as a bureaucracy.  Bureaucracy is known for its avoidance and elimination of constructive feedback.

Anarchy.  An=opposing.  Arch=Rule.  Anarchy is opposition to rule.  In a free society where people are bound by their ethics to their community and business associates, only ethical actions thrive.  Those violating the ethical standards of their community would be rejected and would therefore, not thrive.

I had heard a joke.

What’s the difference between a libertarian and an anarchist?

The answer:

6 months.


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