This month marks the one year anniversary of the State of Indiana having made changes to a 2006 “Castle Doctrine” law.   The updated law asserts the second and fourth amendments to the U.S. Constitution.  The law now permits citizens to shoot cops who enter their home illegally.  That’s right, when a officer of the law is breaking the law by forcibly entering a citizen’s home without warrant or probably cause in Indiana, a citizen has the same right to do what he would do to any other criminal, and that is shoot him.

Here are some articles that look at multiple angles on this issue.

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While no one should ever look forward to the day that they have to use a firearm on another human being, this law brings to light an important issue in our society today, abuse of power by law enforcement officers.

There certainly are a lot of good cops out there.  They’re the ones who help you recover your stolen property or let you out of a petty traffic violation with a warning.

There are a lot of bad cops out there too.  Most recently, I can think back to incidents like these below.  This is just a small sampling.  You could go onto YouTube and watch police brutality videos for a month and not see them all.

April 14th, 2012:  Police show up at the wrong house in Austin, TX and shoot an innocent citizen’s dog, killing it on the spot.




Dec 3th, 2012:  Chicago police issue a man a parking ticket for parking in front of his home.  When the man comes out, his puppy follows him, wagging his tail.  The police officer waits about two seconds and shoots the puppy (TWICE), and then comes back later to issue the man a ticket for not keeping his dog on a leash.  The puppy survived in this case, poor thing.



Dec 13th, 2012: In Nashua, New Hampshire, a woman was tased when she tried to buy more than 2 iPhones.  The Apple Store she was in was selling more than two phones to other customers.  When she pulled out a camera to document what was happening, the store called the police, who promptly electrocuted the poor woman.



May 8th 2013:  Police beat a father to death while he begs for help, then arrest witnesses in Kern country, North Carolina.



May 12th, 2013:  Without a warrant, police force their way into a California home and tase a couple because someone called and reported them having an argument.  The couple was no longer arguing when the police arrived, but they broke the door down and tased the citizens anyway.



So, in one sense, Indiana has empowered citizens.  Among many circles, the Police State is a growing and ever threatening concern.  If any of these things happened to you or your family, what would you do?  At least in Indiana, when someone breaks into your home for no reason, you are free to defend yourself and your property unilaterally, against anyone who is in violation of your property – including if that person is an officer of ‘The Law’ who has no probable cause or warrant.

Will the rest of the country follow suit?  It’s all up to you.


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