‘Humane’ officer Barry Accorti arrived at an Ohio home, after a parent called in about a family of cats living in a pile of wood, who she wanted taken to a shelter.

The mother of four who called, said the kittens had fleas, and she wanted them removed. Barry Accorti, the officer who arrived shortly, claimed the shelter was full, and that the kittens had to go to “kitty heaven”. Without warning, Barry proceeded to fire rounds into the kittens, executing them point blank in front of four children and the mother. The children began crying and screaming, and the mother later made this a public affair.

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    […] I have to admit. I’m getting a little tired of all the staged police violence. NWO loves Hegelian dialectic. So they amplify the problem until everyone is looking for a solution. We are 1-3 years from critical mass of people hoping for solutions on this issue.  You have seen it in previous articles like this and this. […]


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