As some of you may know, the DarkMail project, spearheaded by Ladar Levison (Lavabit) and Mike Janke (Silent Circle) recently launched a kickstarter to combine and open source the technology that will create an end-to-end secure replacement system for today’s current email protocols.

On Wednesday, the Kickstarter reached it’s goal and funded!  This will be a project to watch in the coming year as we move toward a world where our communications are free from intrusions that violate both the letter and the spirit of the fourth amendment.

Ladar was giving a speech on Tuesday at Yale, and RMS (you may know him as Richard Stallman) himself dropped in to support him!  How awesome is that?!!



Congratulations to Ladar and Mike and their teams, and to you who donated and helped make this possible!

Learn more about the project:

(Image above was posted from Ladar’s Facebook account with “Public” privacy settings and is reposted here under fair use. )

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