Some of the Local Voluntary were present at the picnic at Hance Park this evening.  Without going into too much detail, it was a great night.  We broke bread.  We broke pizza. We shared, and we gained.

There is a catalyst that is at work right now in the awareness and activism circles.  It’s hard to pin down, but a lot of the leaders are keen to it.  There is something tremendous on the horizon coming.

But only if we make it.  Only if we make friendships and look past our differences.  We as a nation and as a people must no longer be fragmented through division, but united in the cause for human rights, basic freedoms, and freedom from oppression of all kinds.  The oppressors want us to fight each other while they drop bombs from drones on whoever they feel like.  But we are getting wise, and their days are numbered.

Humanity is about to thrive once more.  We are living in such an exciting time!

When I talk about The Local Voluntary.  I am not talking about this web site.  I am talking about each and every one of us.

We are taking a stand within our own souls and bodies against injustice.  We are doing it locally, by attending events and making real relationships.  Real relationships take time to form, but even in a few short months, a sense of trust and understanding can be developed that transcends any differences we might have.

So, we’re taking a stand, we’re doing it locally, and we are doing it voluntarily.  We choose to associate with others who can identify problems.  We choose to look past our differences and solve them.  Some of us are very committed to this, and committed to solving the problems that we find.  Together, our combined creativity and action can be the change that we want to see in the world, and thereby, we are changing the world.  This is so cool!

And like and idea whose time has come;  it is a force that cannot stopped.  Not by any army or any government and not by any heartless megabank or global elitist.

We are Local.  We are Voluntary.  And We are fixing this broken world, NOW.  This is what The Local Voluntary is.  It is more us than it is any one person.

Some people will wait for later.  But we are not those people.

Peace, Friends.

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