Something is on my mind right now and I’m going to try to lay it out for you.

We are constantly being given messages of division – reasons to make the differences we have as people so abominable that we could never be friends, and should instead be enemies.  Republicans and Democrats, Blue Team Red Team, Steelers or Browns.  It all plays to some of our most simple and primal instincts.


Two cornerstones of human civilization are friendship and trust.

A good friend is someone who sees things a little differently than you, but still has your back.  And the relationship goes both ways.  Good friends don’t lie, deceive, mislead, or misrepresent reality to each other.  They just tell it like it is – sometimes argue, but it’s all in the name of truth.

Differences are not meant to divide humanity.  They are meant to unite us.

Our differing viewpoints, backgrounds, upbringings give us unique insight.  They give us a lookout tower over what we observe.  We are each standing on our own lookout towers.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could combine all of that knowledge and turn it in to action?

The good news is: WE ARE.


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