I try to keep up with current events, but sometimes I get a little behind.  It is sufficiently late in the evening that I cannot guarantee anything, but I feel like I have a post in me.  I hope you have time to hear it, and to read it.

Today, I learned that WordPress.com recently began accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.  Apparently, this happened back on Nov 15th,  2012.  http://blog.bitinstant.com/blog/2012/11/16/what-the-wordpress-announcement-means-for-bitcoin.html

As of this writing, any casual searches for WordPress.com discontinuing this practice is nowhere to be found.

I, like you, am a Dot Connector.  I question the recent attacks on WordPress.com such as http://arstechnica.com/security/2013/04/huge-attack-on-wordpress-sites-could-spawn-never-before-seen-super-botnet/ just a couple of weeks ago.

Who is it that stands to lose if Bitcoin succeeds?  Central bankers.

And who stands to win?  The victims of the central bankers.

Who is it that has enough money to launch such an attack?  Hmm…

Bitcoin would take the power to steal through the tool of inflation away from the bankers.  My assessment is that inflation has been one of the the main tools they have used to to steal from the rest of humanity.  Karma is a basic tenet of Buddhism.  And, fortune would have it, Karma is a bitch, and these guys just got served papers by Buddha himself.  Thanks to Bitcoin.

The centrally controlled financial systems are being collapsed intentionally.  The design of the collapse is to consolidate any remaining wealth into the hands of the few, and take it away from you.

There is a lot of negative propaganda about Bitcoin.  Just like there is a lot of negative propaganda about silver and gold.

But why is there no negative propaganda against the FRN?  Hmm…


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