We Need Help

We are looking for leaders who want to start independent chapters of The Local Voluntary all over the world.  If you or someone you know is interested in joining or starting your own chapter, please contact us right away.


Titanians – Ethical, Creative Society

We subscribe to the ethics of Titanians.  The Ethical, Creative Society.  Titanians was founded by Robert Podolsky.  We are organized using a non-hierarchical and non-bureaucratic method that was taught to us by Robert, himself.  You can learn more by reading about the ethics, the Bill of Ethics itself, the Code of Honor, the Constitution of Titania, or simply visit and browse www.titanians.org.


Organizationally, we follow the Titanians concept of Octologues.  We organize in non-central groups.  We have no hierarchy.  In our octologues, we make decisions only upon unanimous consent.  Participation in autopoesis is non-compulsory in our octologues, although it is recommended.


As the organization is growing, we are building HoloMats as well.  Each octologue has ethical contracts with the octologues directly connected to it.  These contracts are unique to each relationship, but must always follow the Bill of Ethics and Code of Honor and be subject to the Council of Critics when appropriate.

Titanians Meetup

If you have questions, want to participate, want to learn more about, or want to criticize Titanians, please join us for a Titanians meeting near you.  Check the Titanians meetup for more information.