Music is a very personal matter.  We believe music recharges the spent soul and refocuses it on fruitful pursuits.  It brings us up when we are down, and it inspires us when we are comfortable.

Our common enemies weaponize music to divide or to inspire apathy and complacency.  They use it to trick people to follow their lizard brain (sex, violence, envy, etc) instead of their sentient mind.  They use this beautiful tool to dismantle humanity.

If you are a liberty or voluntaryist activist, we want to help you find the soundtrack for your life.  This won’t happen if we and our friends in different parts of the world don’t share their finds.

A lot of voices in this movement are diamonds in the rough. If you are alive, awake and active, we want to hear from you!  Send us your favorite artists and albums.

What inspires you?  Help us create the soundtrack of liberty activism worldwide.

Submit your musical soundtrack in the comments.  We will build a playlist.  We like Grooveshark links since they are accessible by most people.

We are striving in love against a common enemy of limitless pain.  Help humanity graduate to the next level by sharing your inspiring musical tracks.


Your Local Voluntary