The Dark Mail Alliance was born out of the shutdowns of two secure email services, Lavabit and Silent Circle‘s Silent Mail.

Dark Mail Alliance aims to perfect and open source the secure email system that these providers have developed.  This will allow a truly secure replacement for email that anyone can host on their own server.  You can bet that The Local Voluntary will host such a secure mail service when it becomes available.

The Kickstarter ends on November 27th.  At the time of this writing, almost half of the $196,608 has been raised.

And if you don’t like the name “Dark Mail”, neither do they.  Ladar Levison indicates in the FAQ on the kickstarter page that he doesn’t like the negative connotation of “Dark Mail” either.  It looks like there might be a naming contest launching as early as December.

If Internet privacy is something that concerns you, keep spreading the word about the Dark Mail Kickstarter!  And if you haven’t already, donate at whatever level you are comfortable with.

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