Today, I worked with Ernest Hancock of Freedom’s Phoenix, turning electrical conduit into the lattice that builds a geodesic dome.

A geodesic dome is a very cost effective  way to create a shelter for almost any purpose.  These domes can be assembled in a few hours and they can economically provide thousands of square feet of shelter in almost any circumstance!  A great arrow in the quiver of survival tools.

I arrived late, due to my class on rabbitry, but I quickly got to work, doing some basic work like working a drill press and flattening and measuring lengths of aluminum conduit.

The goal for this project is to minimize the cost of building a temporary and mobile structure that can be assembled in only a few hours, and leading by example.

Ernest Hancock is blazing the trail and spearheading this effort, locally, and he is doing it as an open source project.  Anyone is free to participate in the prototyping process, examine and contribute ideas for improvement.

Day two, Sunday We worked more today.  Still working the conduit into shape!

Ernie and me

Ernie and me

cutting corners

The segment after the edges are rounded off.


Lattice segment before edges are rounded off.

cutting corners

Me at work

John and Mike on the shop press.

John and Mike on the shop press.

Photo update from May 14th, source: Ernest Hancock’s Facebook page.

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  1. Deb Baysek

    You never cease to amaze me! Keep up the excellent work. Your father is watching from above and learning also!


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