A cornerstone of The Local Voluntary Association is the Local Economy.  Whichever chapter of The Local Voluntary that operates in your area will have a budding economy of local artisans, doctors, technicians, craftsmen, laborers, regular folks etc, that will want to participate.

The Local Voluntary facilitates the local marketplace by holding events and meetups.  These events can be used to exchange goods and services, and also to meet and connect with local providers of the things that people in the community need.

Many participants prefer to make and receive their exchange in copper, silver, gold or bitcoin.  Anyone is free to use whichever means of exchange that they feel works for them.  Because we strive to be independent from external systems, use of FRNs is discouraged, but their use is certainly not prohibited.  Just as anything else, you may use them at your own risk.

When each chapter of The Local Voluntary is started, the starting goals are to, as quickly as possible, find local providers for all of the basic necessities of the community.  Each provider should do it’s very best to limit their dependence on goods and services that come from outside the local marketplace.  In doing so, we create a marketplace that can continue to function, even in the case of the collapse of the Federal Reserve Note / US Dollar, or even the global economy.

We will be launching a training program that enables local leaders to build their own chapter of the Local Voluntary.  Please, come back, and come to our meetups to learn more!