If you like what we are doing and want us to be able to do it more effectively, please donate.

We use funds for any ethical action we deem effective.  Printing flyers, securing meeting places, feeding our hungry activists and supporters, but never ourselves.  Our opposition is heartless totalitarian globalism; global economy for the benefit of a few through the means of exploitation.  We hope to make a dent large enough to matter while still, through the genius of the octologue, being small enough to care.

We accept donations in the following order of preference.

  • Copper, Silver or Gold coins, rounds or bars.
  • Pre-1965 US Coins.
  • Bitcoin (online or in person).  Send Bitcoins to 1P8cW2138YYcNK4ssaFBk2WT9zSG3p7i8G
  • We reluctantly accept FRNs, which we will convert to one of the aforementioned currencies shortly after receipt.

We proudly do not accept Checks, Money Orders, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or Bank Debit Cards.

We acknowledge the illegitimacy of the eye are ess.  Therefore your contributions are not tax deductible.  However, due to all of the crippling restrictions placed on nonprofits, your tax deductible donations are probably far less effective than donating to Your Local Voluntary.